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The best in baby fashion from the shops of London to your door in Brazil!

ChicBaby.com UK, Ltd delivers mums across Brazil the baby fashion items they do not have available to them within their borders. 
With over three million Brazilian births a year and a large and growing middle class, ChicBaby.com delivers UK based baby shops and baby brands a channel to market their textile fashions to this population. Our business centers around the fact that as seasons end in the northern hemisphere, they are beginning in the southern hempisphere. ChicBaby.com avails high street shops with seasonal overstock the opportunity to deliver their still fashionable goods to a population they would not otherwise have access to. 
At ChicBaby.com UK, Ltd, we are delivering a much needed service and new revenue to UK based high street shops and brands and much desired product to mums of Brazil. Join our over 120,000 followers on facebook and newsletter from our home page.

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